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How to Choose the Best Personal Chef for your Event

   Service   January 13, 2017  Comments Off on How to Choose the Best Personal Chef for your Event

Hosting a private dinner party or cocktail evening can be a daunting task but can be made so much easier if you choose to hire outside assistance in the form of a Personal Chef. Your next decision then is; who is the best chef for my event? This article will outline points...

Outdoor Party Tips for Summer

   seasonal   July 1, 2016  Comments Off on Outdoor Party Tips for Summer

5 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Party a Huge Success Partying in the Summertime is often what we wait for all Winter. Somehow being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine tends to bring out the best in folks. That's why we've listed five tips that are sure to heighten your...

Sustainable BBQ

   Produce,Recipes,seasonal   May 18, 2016  Comments Off on Sustainable BBQ

There's another name for summer and that's BBQ season! Walking through the neighborhood, weekends are now filled with the sounds of happy people and the smell of charcoal grills and barbecued food. It's part of our culture and has changed with the times from a metal plate over an open...

Seasonal Spring Foods

   Health,Produce   April 16, 2016  Comments Off on Seasonal Spring Foods

Spring Produce It's now a few weeks into Spring though it's sometimes hard to tell from the weather here in the East Bay! If in doubt though a quick trip to the nearest farmers market will reassure you as the seasons produce hits the shelves. Spring sees the return of...