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Seasonal Spring Foods

   Health,Produce   April 16, 2016  Comments Off on Seasonal Spring Foods

Spring Produce It’s now a few weeks into Spring though it’s sometimes hard to tell from the weather here in the East Bay! If in doubt though a quick trip to the nearest farmers market will reassure you as the seasons produce hits the shelves. Spring sees the return of…

6 Great Foods for Diabetics

   Health   February 19, 2016  Comments Off on 6 Great Foods for Diabetics

As Keena’s Kitchen is a service that provides custom menus for people with special dietary needs, the requests for meals for diabetics often come our way.  Nearly 10% of the U.S. population has diabetes; and one in three people have pre-diabetes where their blood sugar levels are higher than normal….

What is Paleo?

   Health   January 28, 2016  2 Comments

You have probably heard of the Paleo Diet by now, or you may have heard it by another name – The Caveman Diet. This is because it is based on the diet that our “distant” ancestors used to eat, that is, until about 10,000 years ago when farming became popular…

Eating for A Healthier Lifestyle

   Health   January 6, 2016  Comments Off on Eating for A Healthier Lifestyle

With the new year comes resolutions. We think about new beginnings and new ways of doing things. We introduce new regimens and routines into our daily practices; and we promise we’re going to do better this year than the last. I myself will be embarking on the adventure of a…