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Seasonal Spring Foods

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Seasonal Spring Foods

   Health,Produce   April 16, 2016  Comments Off on Seasonal Spring Foods

Spring Produce

It’s now a few weeks into Spring though it’s sometimes hard to tell from the weather here in the East Bay! If in doubt though a quick trip to the nearest farmers market will reassure you as the seasons produce hits the shelves. Spring sees the return of some familiar favorites like Cherries and Rhubarb…


Cherries – high in antioxidants and help to reduce inflammation.

Rhubarb – high in fiber which aids digestion, and vitamin K which aids bone growth and is necessary for normal blood clotting.

  …and some not so familiar to everyone like Celeriac and Fiddleheads!


Celeriac – Very low in carbohydrates and fat, high in Vitamin K and minerals.

Fiddlehead Fern

Fiddlehead Fern – Very low in carbohydrates and fat, very high in Vitamin A which is essential for healthy vision and immune system function. Blanch them first as they sometimes give off natural toxins that protect them from insects.


Spring Meats/Poultry/Fish

Did you know that meat is seasonal too? Although you can walk into a butchers and get most meats all year round, the taste and quality of the meat depends on many factors such as how the animals are treated and what they are fed. The highest quality meat will come from farms that allow their animals to roam freely and eat naturally, and as the available food and pasture varies with the seasons, so will the taste of the meat. There is also the natural birth cycles of animals to take into account too with most animals being born in spring. So what meat is best this time of year? Naturally raised Lamb, naturally! A favorite for Easter, Passover and other Spring celebrations… lamb is at it’s best in Spring when the pastures are at their best.

[table id=1 /] Seafood currently in season is crab, crayfish and mackerel – use a reputable supplier though and if possible find sustainable, traceable sources.

[table id=2 /] It’s not the best time of year for poultry but it is the best time for free range chicken eggs! This is the time of year when chickens are more fertile and lay the most. The abundance of pasture and insects also means that the eggs are now their tastiest.

[table id=3 /] Spring is the season of growth and renewal so much of natures bounty is now at it’s best. To make the most of it, go out and support your local food producers by shopping at the farmers market and making responsible choices for your meat, fish and poultry. Eat fresh, organic foods; enjoy the sunshine; and remember to smell the roses!

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