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Private In-Home Cooking Lessons

Delicious cooking made easy.

At Keena’s Kitchen, beautiful meals are just a lesson away. Our certified chef makes it convenient and comes to your home kitchen to show you how to make the most delicious meals. We all pitch in making food prep and cleanup a cinch!

Choose Your Meal

Choose from our new seasonal, organic recipes and wow your friends and family with what you learn! Hearty vegan and vegetarian holiday meals, protein-rich paleo meals, or quality meals for pescatarians and omnivores that are nourishing and flavor focused. 1 Entree with 1 side dish and 1 tasty dessert!

Individual or Group Lessons Available:

Single Class – Individual $125 + food costs
Double Class – Couple $225 + food costs
Quad Class – 4 Persons $450 + food costs

Give the gift of cooking skills to that “special someone”, that wonderful couple you admire, or maybe a certificate for a small group of four to save for use on a fun date night at a later time.

For more information or questions about your gift certificate, email us at: 

Interactive Cooking Classes are a consideration for learning about sustainable, organic cooking.
There are a few “style” options for these events. (See below.)


Option A:  “Cook Party”! We set-up the lesson in your home kitchen, have a glass of wine and learn together finishing with a meal you can be proud of sharing. This style provides a 3 hour viewing of techniques and basic recipes for guests to sample as we prepare three courses.  A 10 minute Q & A session will be held at the end of the course, though questions will be entertained throughout the lesson. Guests are given a goodie bag with a wine glass, a menu for the night’s preparations and a recipe card with party tips for one of the dishes presented to take home. This model can be shaped to fit corporate team building courses and can be set-up in conference or kitchen spaces at the office.


Option B:  We can also provide private one-on-one classes based on your specific interests and skill level. Stations for teacher and student to engage are set up in the home kitchen for optimal learning and mirroring of demonstrated skills. Optional shopping trips can be added prior to each lesson to help students in making healthier choices while in their local grocer or market. Tips on the various levels of organics, sustainability, brand awareness and seasonal foods at their peak are given during the length of the course. Students are given a customized menu and recipes to help in preparing the meal. Questions? Email us at:

*Cancellation policy terms apply.